“Language is a skill – perhaps the most important one a person should possess.”


  • Irrespective of which department a student belongs to, he/she needs to be able to communicate the knowledge he/she possesses.
  • Over 80% of graduates in India are unable to communicate in a second language proficiently apart from their mother language.
  • Increased awareness of this low skill coefficient is necessary to secure a good future.

About the Department:

The Current scenario in knowledge economy demands skilled graduates and post-graduates. However, the less-than-acceptable proficiency in language and communication skills is an Achilles heel for a majority of students who are unable to secure a career of their potential even with the availability of several opportunities.

PIMS recognizes this gap and hence has initiated the Department of Languages committed to empowering its students with the required competency in various languages such as English, Hindi, and Kannada. A team of experts, on campus and invited speakers, will be engaged in training students through workshops, seminars, and interactive curriculum.

Dr. R.B.Thammaiah 

Department Head

Qualification: M.Phill., Ph.D
Experience: 16yrs
Publications: 20

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Dr. R.B. Thammaiah
Dr. Balaji Naik
Mrs. Sabiha Jha

Department News:

Organised a Workshop on “ Corporate Communication and Soft Skills ”